Permanente Make-up Versus Tatoeage

Cosmetic artists can easily remove this battery and replace it with an attachment, which must be purchased separately. If you’re looking for full freedom and Instagram worthy eyebrows, look no further. This incredibly popular wireless permanent makeup machine is easy to use. With this device you can enjoy or work with a fully wireless experience, connected according to your preferences and energy needs.

We will try to give you the best permanent makeup machines available today. Various brands have entered the market in this specific niche. However, for a smooth and safe application, the best permanent makeup machine should be used on budget and requirements. They are professional artists and for most of them tattooing is a full-time job and their only profession. Permanent eyebrow make-up pigments In general, iron oxide pigments in permanent composition are used because of their natural color tones. We also have many permanent makeup pigments on the market, which are based on organic pigments or mixed with organic and inorganic pigments.

You only need to connect the pen to a power supply and charge it for two hours. The brand new look and design hide an improved 4-watt motor that offers an even longer life and stable power and is always ready for use. Thanks to the use of a standard RCA plug to connect the machine, it can now be connected to any permanent makeup power supply or tattoo machine. A similar and more expensive version of the VideoPup pen is the brand’s silver rotating permanent makeup. The speed of this product is higher and can be adjusted between r / m. Not only is it faster, but the length of the needle is adjustable from 0 to 2.5 mm.

All devices rely on a single-use hollow needle to place the pigment-colored granules under the top layer of the skin. The cosmetic tattoo machine is smaller than the average tattoo gun and has the shape of a ballpoint pen. It does not inject the pigment as deep into the skin as a traditional tattoo machine. The smallest machine, the hollow needle, are the reasons why pigments are not injected as deep as a traditional tattoo machine and tattoo needles.

This tattoo machine has a powerful custom engine and an advanced gear system. With WJX cartridge needles and patent housing design, the ink is absorbed into the skin faster and the amount of ink stored in the permanent lipstick machine may increase. It is made with medical needles for PC LPG that are safe and reliable. This machine is compatible with all cartridge needles and is used worldwide by some of the best tattoo artists.