Permanent Make-up Eyeliner

The hair strokes look sharp and fine and simulate the appearance of natural hair. Ombré or powdered eyebrows are made with a machine that evenly scatters the pigment on the skin using a shadow technique. In summary, a eyelash enhancement tattoo is a semi-permanent treatment that places the pigment along the lines of the top or bottom tabs . “The tattoo itself can be super thick or as thin as its own natural lashes, and it has no film or an extended point,” said Piret Aava, cosmetic and cosmetic tattoo specialist at Eyebrow Doctor in Los Angeles.

Kelly owns Skin and Tonique in Escondido, CA and is an experienced certified permanent cosmetic professional who has trained with some of the industry’s most prestigious cosmetic tattoo artists. After completing internships in San Diego and Las Vegas, she opened North County’s main permanent makeup studio. Kelly specializes in microblading, powdered eyebrows, lipblush, eyeliner and freckle tattoos. As with all cosmetic tattoo procedures, the permanent pigment of the eyeliner will fade over time.

You can apply a different eyeshadow color and the eyeshadow color you apply is more visually prominent than your permanent eyeliner tattoo. The procedure causes temporary swelling, redness and, rarely, bruising. If you are traveling, wedding or other special occasions, plan your eyelash enhancement or the eyeliner tattoo procedure accordingly. None of the professional artists I spoke to make blushing tattoos.

Although they are all different, eyebrow tattoos generally last 2 to 3 years, depending on your lifestyle, sun and water exposure and your facial cleansing regiment. Eyebrow tattoos are not as deep on the skin as a traditional tattoo eyeliner tattoo and will start to fade over time depending on your skin type and age. I recommend an annual Color Boost every month, although some microblading tattoos last up to 3 years before freshening up is needed.

And the same goes for taking the right precautions before your appointment: research and preparation. During that period you are encouraged to scrub them naturally. You would also be encouraged to take them out of water, sweat, steam, etc. to keep. Once the scab phase is over, the lips will appear lighter and their true color should come out after 4-6 weeks. You don’t want your new PMU to be damaged by the sun while it heals.

Each PMU eyebrow requires at least one reprocessing appointment 6 to 8 weeks after your first procedure. Tweaks are not performed for 4 weeks after your first procedure and no later than 8 weeks. You must plan your reprocessing within 8 weeks of your first procedure, which is complementary to your procedure. You must pay a pick-up fee described in the touch program if it is after 8 weeks. It is absolutely essential to complete the retouching treatment.