Boho Clothing – The Social Advantages

I think Boho Clothing encourages a free thinking spirit. Just as with the phrase, "you are what you eat", we are also defined by what we wear. If I wear a fancy suit and tie or a ballroom gown, I will most likely act very professionally. Boho Clothing has its roots in the artist community and the counter-culture movement. As a result, it also will tend to cause the individual to think in an artsy way. It promotes a happy, free sense and perhaps helps break down stereotypes and prejudice created by fads and trends that are so specific. Boho seems like it would fit in with hippies, punks, coffee shop folks, high fashionistas, etc. It's so versatile, it just seems to fit in everywhere. Boho is comfortable, reasonably priced, practical, and attractive (usually). This has its...

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