5 Great Ways Cleaning Services Can Use Yard Signs

As a cleaning company, it is important that you sell the professionalism and efficiency of your employees. Price is also important, but for most customers the most important thing is that the work was done correctly. What could be better than using garden signs? It is a targeted advertising medium that delivers a clear message to the target audience. Here are some great ideas on using lawn boards for cleaning.

Special offers. Promotions are a very effective way to attract new customers, so make sure that all current offers or packages that you have are displayed on your display. Using these garden signage around the facade of your store or even in the city will attract attention and noise for your business. Focus on large potential customers and make sure you advertise a lot on their territory.

On the construction site – while your cleaning team is working on the building or even in the house, hang a sign in front of neighbors. The goal is to show them how fast and professionally you work, ideally that they call you to clean up their home or business. However, if you don’t draw attention to your work, it may go unnoticed (it’s much easier to notice clutter than to notice the lack of clutter).

Long vacations. Holidays are a busy and hectic time for everyone, so promote your business as a “convenient supplier” at this time. Whether you’re cleaning up after a business party or helping with Family Christmas decorations, you want your business to look useful and rewarding. Create fun lawn boards on the theme of vacation to accommodate them for your business and attract new customers. They can be reused every year if you keep them safe.

Highlight major events such as concerts, exhibitions, congresses and sports games as potential business opportunities. Consider “sponsoring” the event by offering your services for free. By contacting this market, you can sometimes advertise garden signs while your team cleans the site. This raises awareness of your business and creates a positive reputation in society.

Increased brand awareness – garden signs are useful, to put it mildly, because they increase your brand awareness. Create a logo, slogan and brand colors for use in all your advertising, from print media to your fleet and the signage you place in front of your desk. When customers see consistency, they save your business faster.
Always try to spend money wisely. For temporary signage, use something that’s available, such as corrugated cardboard, and if you hang a sign in front of the table that you want to hang out all the time, choose something that will last longer, such as a plywood or metal plate.

Michael Allen is Director of Marketing in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked in large corporations and small local businesses for more than 20 years. His extensive experience in marketing makes him an expert in helping business development through marketing tactics.






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