World Cup Records are a Challenge for Players

Many world cup records are at stake and could be broken during this world cup which will be held in West Indies in the month of March. Records, they say are always broken by someone or the other. It is just a matter of time before someone overtakes one world cup records or another. World cup records are mostly sought after by fans that are crazy about the game. For them, this is the only source through which they can know what world cup records their favorite player or team is capable of making or breaking during the world cup tournament. Fans always believe that their favorite player or team is capable of breaking even the best world cup record which has not been broken till date.

World cup records state that the first three world cup tournaments were held in England. At that point of time, the organizers felt that England was the best equipped country to host the event. In those days only, a few selected countries used to take part in the tournament and the event did not use to last as long as it does these days. The game had not spread through out the world, so there was not much coverage about the event in the media as well. Gradually, the game became popular and today one can find cricket fans in all corners of the world. For fans, those who are very statistically inclined, 월드컵토토 records are vital parameters for gauging how well their team and favorite players can do in the tournament.

There are several sources from which one can come to know about all the world cup records. Online websites are the best as they are the most hassle free means through which one can come to know all that they want to know about world cup records. Sites that are dedicated to cricket have all the information about all the aspects related to world cup records. So it is not only about bowling and batting records that fans can know, but they can also know about many other elements like if any host has ever won a world cup title or not. One can also come to know if any team has won the cup more then once, or if a particular country has ever won the title or not.

World cup records state that Australia has won the world cup three times, while West Indies have done it twice. It will be interesting to see if any test playing team can break this world cup record and set a new one. Many other records like the highest number of runs scored by an individual player and the wickets taken by an individual bowler can also be at stake. All the players will have to play exceptionally well to get past those records or any other world cup records. Players and teams will want to play very well during the tournament so that they can try and overtake some of these world cup records. Well, only time can tell how successful someone will be in this.