Why You Should Have Low Level Alt’s at Neutral Auction Houses in Warcraft

Neutral auction houses. On many servers they are quiet and empty areas. My last trip to Winterspring I was totally alone in the whole area. Winterspring has always been one of my Bay Area process servers favourite places to level and make WoW Gold.

I did some rep grinding for the Frostsabre. I was in the area for a full two and a half hours and saw no-one. Likewise in Tanaris a few months ago, I saw a group off to Zul’Farrak, and that was about it.

This tells me one thing – on most servers the value of positioning alt’s at neutral auction houses is hugely under-rated. I found out the value of doing this myself a few months ago. And in this quick WoW Guide I will tell you how.

The guild I am in has about 40 members, most have level 80’s in both factions, and like most guild mates we like to do each other favors from time to time. But of course sometimes the favor involves getting something from one faction, and giving it to a character on another. A conversation between two horde characters might go like this.

Gromdol: Anyone got any Eternal Earth?
Hagemony: Trukkil is a miner, I think she’s got about 20, and some crystallized as well.
Gromdol: I’ll pay the market for them, but there’s only 1 on the AH at the moment.
Hagemony: Ok, i’ll need to log as Trukkil and post them to an Alliance character though.
Gromdol: I’ll get my Alliance character to the AH in Booty Bay, and we’ll have to do a quick swap. Put them on for one copper and i’ll buy them straight away.

As a result, both players have to take characters down to Booty Bay. Probably a journey of between 5 and 10 minutes. Then once the deal is done, repeat the process. Of course if they were in Kalimdor they could consider going to Tanaris or Winterspring, but the process would be about the same.

Ok, let’s look at a second scenario, a much more exciting one. A Warcraft Advanced Gold Guide to making gold at neutral auction houses

Gromdol: Just took the Titanium Ore to the AH. Selling for 4g a piece, I mean what’s the point of that, that’s 50% down on the price I could get only a week ago.
Hagemony: Man, that’s sick. They are going for 9g a piece on the Alliance AH’s. Can we get them across. I’ll get an Alliance down to Booty Bay, you stick them on real cheap, I’ll buy them and ship them up to Stormwind and I’ll take say 20% of the take, so you end up with about seven and a half gold each for them.
Gromdol: Ok, i’ll get down there. You be ready to buy to second I post. I’ll post for 1 copper a piece so we don’t pay any AH tax, but you keep pressing refresh. I don’t want someone else buying them for that price.

In both cases the deal is done. However, It has taken ages. Trips to Neutral Auction Houses and back again with your high level characters. Wouldn’t it be better if you just had some level one toons posted at these Neutral AH’s?

Your next comment is probably “But you can’t get a level 1 to a neutral AH, they are in high level areas.”

Watch the videos at my blog for how to do this (they are speeded up so you will only need 3 or 4 minutes). The link as at the bottom of this page.

So that’s my question;
Why spend time Horde Leveling or Alliance Leveling just to get down to Booty Bay?

I pick Booty Bay because this is where you can get level on characters to for the least hassle. Just over 30 minutes from rolling a new toon, to having them positioned and ready to go. Remember you can have up to ten characters PER SERVER, and up to 50 altogether, so don’t fret about using one for this.

Then just leave them there. You will get a lot of kudos from others. “OMG, how did you get here!!!”
Not only that, if you have a wow guild mate you can trust, then the whole idea of cross faction trading opens up.
Looking for big price differences between Horde and Alliance, buying up cheap stock, swapping faction and re-marketing for a much higher price.

With the toon’s already positioned to do the deal, it can be done from start-to-finish in about 5 minutes.

The other option is to have two accounts yourself (remember, you can’t buy from another character in your own account, no matter what faction they are. Blizzard have made sure you have to team up to do this – or have two accounts).

Anyway, watch the vids have see for yourself. There are also videos on how to check for profitability, how to use the AH properly and loads of other great vids (all to cool music as well). All completely free and well worth checking out.