What Food To Eat And Avoid During Your Period

By moving the body, your mood increases, blood circulation is improved and stress is reduced, cramps, headaches and anxiety are combated. Nothing beats a cup of morning coffee, but if it’s that time of the month, you may want to skip your latte temporarily. Caffeine can reduce cramps and swelling because it draws blood vessels, which can worsen menstrual cramps, Livestrong said. “Some women are deficient in vitamin D or may not eat well in general, so they don’t get much of their B vitamins.”. Some studies have been conducted in women who tend to experience PMS, and found that vitamin B6 supplements can actually help a little. But much research remains to be done on supplementation over periods, ‚ÄĚsays Dr. McClure.

In addition, some menstrual cup users report that they experience fewer cramps, despite research that does not yet demonstrate this claim. Natural remedies for menstrual cramps, such as herbal teas or heating pads, and can effectively help with menstrual complaints. So how do you know if your sighting justifies a conversation with your doctor?? If you detect due to normal changes in hormone levels, bleeding is likely to occur at the same time every month, Dr. Gersh says. Therefore, it is useful to follow your symptoms in an application or calendar.

But if your blood sugar levels rise and fall, Dr. McClure says you may feel tired or often have a headache. Herbal tea has anti-inflammatory properties and antispasmodic compounds that can reduce muscle spasms in the uterus that cause cramps. Drinking chamomile, fennel or ginger tea is an easy and natural way to relieve menstrual cramps. Herbal tea can also have other benefits, such as stress relief and insomnia help.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder is a more serious form of PMS that affects about five percent of menstruating women. Doctors are unsure of what PMDD is causing, but women with a high level of stress, depression or a family history of depression are more likely to experience it. PMDD symptoms are similar to PMS, but more intense, including more painful cramps. Milk, cheese, cream and other dairy products can increase prostaglandins, the hormones that cause your uterus to contract during its period and make cramps worse. Try to reduce these foods in your diet or avoid them completely when you are in your period. “People with irritable bowel syndrome often experience worsening of abdominal pain, swelling or diarrhea during their periods,” he explains.

Then you can choose the type of contraception method that suits you best. A study showed that massage therapy significantly reduced menstrual pain in endometriosis women. To control menstrual cramps more effectively, massage therapy Panty Liners should target the abdominal area. But a full body massage that reduces your overall stress can also help relieve menstrual cramps. Drinking water can reduce swelling during your period and relieve some of the pain it causes.

Even though you may have the last craving for chips, nibbling some salty snacks can make your periods worse. “Salt food contributes to the swelling / retention of water that women feel at the time of their periods,” says Dr. Angela Jones, OB / GYN by email. The greatest healer of all pain, physical or mental, is meditation.

Here we talk about what can cause the pain of your period and we offer you 13 home remedies that you can try to stop. The main active ingredient, curcumin, also benefits the common side effects of the period. A study showed that people taking curcumin had less severe symptoms of PMS during their menstrual cycle. It’s okay to eat more for your period as long as you eat healthy snacks and balanced meals. For your period, avoid unhealthy fats, refined sugars and processed foods that can change your hormones. Replace candy bars with nuts, seeds and fresh fruits and add avocados, olive oil, grains and fish to your diet.

Single extract can be a good option for about 10 percent of women who cannot perform their normal activities during their periods for 1 to 3 days due to severe menstrual cramps. Magnesium is an essential mineral that your body needs to power over 300 enzyme systems. Your body needs magnesium for good muscle and nerve function, to regulate blood pressure and control blood sugar levels. You need magnesium to build DNA and RNA and to make glutathione, the main antioxidant of the body.

This post should help you understand how to use food as a tool to balance your hormones and support your body. Of course, for people suffering from endometriosis or PCOS, simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle will not help ease the excruciating pain of the period. Traditional treatment for primary dysmenorrhea does not always work and sometimes women cannot tolerate treatment. About 20 to 25 percent of women do not receive or cannot use conventional dysmenorrhea treatments.