Best IPhone 13 Accessories

First of all, it is a very nice place to put my phone down when I work from home. If I need to watch a relevant video or scroll through Twitter very quickly, the stand is a reliable place to open my phone, adjust the angle, and hold my device. The MOFT phone wallet ($27) is both the wallet and the phone holder, it comes in five colors and fits your iPhone 12 via MagSafe. The extra magnetic flap on the front makes it a convenient stand. Does MOFT add a second easy use with the phone holder element and bind everything together via magnets? Previously, you could find it on Wired's Gadget Lab, Fast Company's CoExist, Cult of Mac, and Mac Stories. Rich Scherr is a seasoned financial and technology journalist who has worked as editor of Potomac and Bay iPhone kabel Area Tech Wire for nearly tw

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