Joovy Room 2 Portable Play Yard Review

One thing that all busy moms want at home is peace of mind anytime they know where their child is and what they do. With Square Playground from Joovy Room you know that your child is always safe, giving you the freedom, as a mother, to manage your busy home. This portable children’s playground can be easily moved indoors or outdoors, as well as taken with you on a trip, as it comes with a carry bag and a shoulder strap.

Here are some of the most notable features of Joovy Room 2, which I think you’ll find most useful. It is made of high-quality and durable polyester fabric 600D. Mattress of 100% cotton with suitable bedding. The area of the playground is ten square meters, with panels thirty centimeters high. Like other gaming products, it has no weight limit, unlike Graco’s weight limit of thirty pounds. The cool modern design is available in red or black and blends perfectly with any modern decor.

Some of this product information is important to you. The fully assembled Joovy Room 2 is one foot high, nearly four feet wide and fourteen inches deep. It weighs just over thirty pounds and comes with a high-quality carry case and shoulder strap. The assembled playground is more than 10 square feet of play space – fifty percent more than other popular brands. The product is completely portable and can be easily folded to move around the house or on vacation.

The portable Joovy Room Square is a spacious high-quality backpack, a kind of portable playground. Every parent needs a way to take a moment without worrying about where their child is still and what he is doing. In this playground you can quite easily relax while your child plays safely and reliably.

You don’t have to worry about them getting out or flowing, as the four sides and 30-inch panels of this playground will easily keep your child in place. This product is made from high-quality polyester fiber 600D, which means that it can withstand any punishment that your child may cause and endure it for a very long time. It also means that this material is easy to keep tidy in case your child goes bad.

This product is not only made of high-quality materials, but also has much more room for manoeuvre than the leading pack and play brand. Once the playground is deployed and assembled, it provides your child with just over 10 square feet of play space, which is 50% more than other competing brands. The sides of the playground are made of durable mesh material that makes it easy to see what your child is doing at any time and that he doesn’t feel trapped. The Joovy Room Squared frame is made of durable and lightweight aluminum tubes, not cheap plastic like other brands, and is designed for a long life.

The bottom of the playground is covered with a thick mat on the foamed lining, making it a cozy place for your little one. The pillow comes with a cotton sheet that is easy to wash. In case you need extra bedding, you can use it. All in all, if you’re looking for a really fun portable playground for your child that’s safe, reliable and durable, you can’t go wrong with the Joovy Room Square drink-play area.






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