How Do You Become A Game Developer? 5 Useful Steps

The first step to turning any passion into a profession is education and practice. Aspiring video game developers generally must have a bachelor’s degree in digital media, computer science, or a related field. A digital media program provides students with the essential foundation of skills and practical experience. It allows students to pursue a future career in video games, or in areas such as film, web development, and UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design.

Additional certifications in ITIL, CIW, and CompTIA can be beneficial for your career path. Today, as demand for developers has skyrocketed, you might get away with attending a coding bootcamp. While coding bootcamps, as in 4-year-old titles, give you an overview of software engineering, more recently some have appeared that offer specialized programs for video game programming. Gaming is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors, with nearly 2.8 billion players worldwide.

For example, there are game designers, game programmers, game testers, audio engineers, writers, and level designers. Video game developers need a certain set of skills to thrive in the industry, including strong computing and programming capabilities. Developers need to be highly analytical and detail-oriented; the smallest error in the code should not be able to sneak through. They also need to be highly game developer salary creative and visual communicators; a necessity, because the main function of the developer is to interpret the designer’s vision. Finally, any video game developer planning a long-term career must possess a certain level of adaptability. Nearly 227 million people in the United States play video games, according to the Entertainment Software Association, making it a leading form of entertainment.

Familiarity with popular game engines and basics of software development is a plus. You can try your luck coding with mobile games before venturing into the world of studio games. There are many online tutorials and several active developer communities that actively support beginners in their learning journeys.

Check out this article on the educational background of game designers, I think you’ll find it helpful. Whether you’re a solo developer or part of a large team, time management and organization are essential to keeping larger game projects on track. So if you’re considering a career in gaming, now is the right time to prepare. The following sections tell you about game developers’ job descriptions, their average salary, and career progress charts.

Video game developers are responsible for developing the software behind each video game. These professionals operate at the forefront of the video game industry itself. Game developers must be proficient in C++ programming and other languages such as C and Java.

The video game industry is one of the most competitive when it comes to job placement, so getting involved in the community and building strong connections is a must if you want. After talking to Blizzard and Riot Games employees, they all agree that referrals play an important role in the hiring process. Get out there and join a gaming meeting, watch E3, and maybe even take part in some Unity workshops in a hacker room. Some 600 game developers work in New Zealand, but this is not enough to meet the demand.