5 Great Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use Yard Signs

Real estate agents rely on on on-site advice to run their business. Potential buyers use garden signs to determine which home to choose. So, the signs on the lawn are an important part of building a house. There are many materials and types of signage to choose from, as well as many great ways to use signage to promote your office.

An announcement of sale – every ad you list must include a sign to notify potential buyers/tenants. With these signs it is important to find a balance. You want them to match your brand or brokerage home, so that buyers identify the home with your agency, but you also want the signage to be unique to the particular home at hand. A great way to do this is to use surfers who identify the distinctive features of the house, such as the pool, garage, etc.

Recently reduced – when the ad has recently been shortened or there is a limited or special sale, you want to draw attention to it. Order a board or even a new board that will show buyers that a good deal is available. The better the sign is visible, the more intense the movement in the house.

“Brand” advertising signs are also important for brand creation. If you work for a national brokerage company, you already have brand recognition, but if you are independent, then building your reputation is up to you. Use city signage to show your professionalism and create individuality for your office. Find a slogan, choose unique colors, etc. – things that remain in the memory of customers and remind you when they are in the housing market.

Office Identification – Based on the idea of branding, it is important that you place the lawn signs in front of your office desk to identify it with your business. What is your agency name, your contact details, opening hours, etc. the main thing is to show potential buyers and sellers that you are a professional and can trust them, so a well-designed sign for your office can be very useful.

Open Day is another great sign in your inventory – an open house sign. Use it at an event next to your ad. The jumper is not always enough, as you need something that attracts a lot of attention during the short open door. Create a bright and interesting sign that will attract buyers to your home and give you the opportunity to sell!
Depending on your marketing budget, you can choose from a variety of materials. Corrugated plastic is affordable, but it won’t last as long as a metal or aluminum panel. Also consider framing options. The real estate frames in which your sign is placed are the most common, but hanging signs are also popular and look more attractive. Don’t skimp on your signs – it’s the best marketing tool you’ll use, so make sure the message you send is professional but affordable.

Michael Allen is Director of Marketing in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked in large corporations and small local businesses for more than 20 years. His extensive experience in marketing makes him an expert in helping business development through marketing tactics.