11 Tips To Improve Your Toefl® Speech Score

Practice combining your reading, listening and conversation skills for your integrated homework section to discuss the TOEFL® speech exam. Just lesson and try to read it through the lesson (don’t cheat by listening too!) and then practice the answer by teaching the main points of the lesson. Practice combining your listening skills and speaking skills by choosing another lesson. Just listen to the lesson this time and then write down the main point of what you’ve heard.

You will be asked to read a short passage and listen to a recording on the same subject. In task 2 you hear a listening bakida ingilis dili kurslari part where students discuss their opinion about the reading part. Both passages in Task 2 are about campus situations.

During your preparation time, write down points about the most important points you want to make. You don’t have enough time and reading a script sounds unnatural and you lose points. The most important thing you can do to practice in the TOEFL speaking section is to speak English regularly. If you can practice every day, that would be ideal, but at least you should try to speak English 2-3 hours a week. If you are already confident in your English speaking skills, you may feel that you do not have to study for this section. However, preparation is key for most people to accept this section.

You hear an audio clip and the questions they ask. Practice will help you improve to maintain a steady pace. On the day of the exam, listen to what it sounds like when you answer the first task and make corrections to future answers to improve your conversation rhythm. If you are nervous, take a deep breath during the preparation time to calm your nerves.

In any case, you will be asked to respond by explaining what you have heard. By following these seven tips, you can be very well prepared for the conversation test. Remember that there is just a test to verify what you know.

Don’t worry, this passage won’t be complicated like the one in the reading section! It is a very short passage where you will only search for the main idea . For this question you have to come up with 2 ideas and 2 examples. My advice is to come up with 2 very short and real stories that support your ideas.