What Is A Silent Auction? + The Best Software To Help

Therefore, if the market value of your auction donations reaches a total of $ 100,000, your organization can expect to receive approximately $ 75,000 in revenue. Compare this with a pen and paper system, where the average percentage of FMV is 40% to 55%, and you can immediately see the advantage of silent auction technology. Using data collected Silent Auction Ideas at all of our auction events, our resident auction expert has identified the top 20 most popular silent auction items of the year. These items attracted the highest percentage above their market value or current selling price. Live charity auctions are a popular fundraising vehicle for nonprofits due to their high-bid, high-energy environment.

With GiveSmart’s Live versus Silent auction guide, you’ll walk and talk like an experienced nonprofit auctioneer, minus the quick talk. For non-profit organizations and other organizations, silent auctions provide a good fundraising opportunity, where donors receive in return. Silent auctions are also easy to conduct, since much of the work is done by the bidders, and the event coordinators are little involved. Obviously, there is a good initial coordination to acquire the items to be auctioned, but little work is required from the coordinators during the event. However, auction monitors are a good idea, just to make sure that no items are missing before the end of the night and no one is making false bids.

Snowball Fundraising is a comprehensive fundraising platform that includes easy-to-use online fundraising pages, text donation tools, and charity auction software. This charity auction website provides nonprofits and other mission-oriented organizations with the tools they need to raise more money through powerful fundraising efforts. The donors look at the items and then check the descriptions and their winning positions on their devices from anywhere in the venue. If the silent auction items are displayed in a separate area from the main event, this can cause item security issues, regardless of which method you choose to secure your silent auction. Are you holding a silent or live auction for the fundraiser of your non-profit organization?

While more and more women are buying items at silent auctions, men rush to bid when an item catches their eye. You should now have everything you need to plan and conduct a successful silent auction. Once an item has been won, guests should receive a notification on their phone to let them know what they have won and how to pick it up. For personal auctions, create a designated cash point in a place that does not interfere with the pedestrian traffic of guests leaving the event. For online auctions, guests must be able to redeem their purchases and receive delivery information for physical items immediately after the silent auction ends. As with any charitable fundraiser, the planning determines the success of your silent auction.

There is a large selection of real estate in tourist destinations throughout the country. Most companies allow you to offer four different vacation rentals at their auction, so you can earn thousands of dollars by offering these vacation rentals at their auction. Hot air Balloon Rides: A company called Fundraising Rides offers hot air balloon rides in more than 200 cities across the country. They offer a complete silent auction exhibition with pictures, description and miniature hot air balloon. You get a two-person package and a four-person package and only pay when you sell, which you almost always do when you advertise correctly.

During a silent auction, various items are exhibited, usually on tables, and event guests can walk around and take a closer look at each item. If you are interested in bidding, you can write your bid on a piece of paper next to the article or, if the event uses bidding software, bid on your laptop or mobile device. On average, when using a mobile bidding platform, your items will be sold for 75% of their market value.

Silent auctions are a very popular way for non-profit organizations to raise money at their fundraisers. There are several ways to conduct a silent auction, and although one approach is not suitable for all occasions, if you follow basic strategies, you are likely to experience a successful event. When you host a silent auction, your organization does most of the fundraising by selling auction items to the bidders who have placed the highest bids. This is a guest blog by Zach Hagopian, co-founder and COO of Accelevents, a mobile fundraising platform that enhances auctions and silent raffles through online bidding and text messaging. As an active member of Boston’s fundraising scene, Zach focuses on improving traditional fundraising methods and increasing fundraising revenues. A silent auction is an event that is usually held by fundraisers and charities.

This number includes live auctions conducted by an auctioneer or MC, silent auctions, many of which are managed by professional auction houses, which can also provide auction items and personnel. At silent auctions, non-profit organizations raise money by auctioning items and selling them to the highest bidder. Bidders can place their bids by writing them on bid sheets placed next to each item, or by using a mobile bidding service that allows you to bid directly from your smartphone.