The 10 Best Alternatives To Notion 2 0

Rather than being full of features you could never use, it focuses on delivering essentials such as joint editing, searching and content organization. Starting with a simple annotation app, Evernote has consistently added multiple features, making you a serious contender in the content collaboration category. However, it only works best for small teams that come up with notes, capture and where search options are central in various media forms. OneNote is on the same level with Notion in terms of collaboration. Provides a shared notepad and even allows you to create to-do lists, which is a great help in efficiency.

Tettra has an internal knowledge management system that not only works well with small teams but also with large teams. It is one of the best notion alternatives that supports third-party integrations to support team collaboration and a shared knowledge base. ClickUp is one of the most popular project management tools used by both small and large companies. What it qualifies as a Notion alternative are the functions packaged to facilitate documentation and information storage.

It is also linked to communication tools such as G Suite, Slack and more. This means that you do not have to change your communication resources when you sign up for the service. The last one on the list of programs that is a great alternative to Notion is Tettra. This is knowledge-based software that organizes knowledge of the company or organization.

It combines task management, file sharing and real-time team document collaboration within one platform. The feature performs better than Notion’s and includes computer chat, video conferencing, screen sharing and more. Influence is a great tool for tracking team discussions, meetings, decisions, etc. As a standalone product, it works well to help teams work more together and be organized. By combining it with other Atlasian applications such as Jira, you can use the full set of functions. We use it to have one repository for all project artifacts, including documents, meeting notes, change check, project requirements, etc.”

Quip is a collaboration workspace and productivity tool like Notion designed to enable you and your team to create and manage tasks or processes. It uses documents, spreadsheets, chats and slides to shape your project management process and increase productivity. Looking for project management software that is easy to navigate and loaded with useful functions? NTask is the perfect tool to adopt when working with teams and regularly performing different types of projects and tasks. It is an all-in-one productivity platform that helps create and manage notes and projects, sketching books and wiki.

Others are high-level project management tools that may not be necessary if you just need to take nice notes. Org mode is slightly heavier than Google Keeps and is one of the best notion alternatives. Pack all essential functions such as simple text, spreadsheets and the ability to sync with different platforms such as Google Drive, Org mobile, one disk, etc. TWiki is a flexible, powerful and user-friendly business wiki, a business collaboration platform and a web application platform.

I really like obsidian to write and edit notes, and to build internal links between content. Since it works with downstream files, it is easy to edit in other downstream applications if you don’t like the obsidian system. There is a robust ecosystem that grows to do almost everything you notion platform need, including various options for tasks and calendars. There is a new system (which I have not yet tested) that reproduces the notional marks of the database. Tools and marking take a while to learn, so it’s not as easy as starting to run, but the learning curve is quite superficial.