List Of German Festivals 2017 Traditional German Clothing Data

Feel free to wear your period for several days in a row, no one will care or notice. However, if you don't want all your photos to look the same, just mix and match your pieces. No, there is no Oktoberfest dress code (except not dressing up). Oktoberfest clothing is highly recommended, but you are free to wear whatever you want. Wear shorts under your dirndl – In a constant attempt not to shine in America's next viral video, when it comes to combining a dress and dancing on couches, I wear more than underwear. A pewter edelweiss flower is a nice way to dress up your choker or necklace, but we also see it decorated with deer, lions, pretzels and beer mugs. Bracelets also usually follow the same theme as their dirndl and are often made of ribbon, leather Moser Trachtenwelt or metal. You can

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