What Information Can You Find Under An Imei Number??

The IMEI number is useful for identifying a mobile device. This number is independent of the SIM number or UICC number. A phone can be tracked or found with the IMEI number, regardless of which SIM card is inserted in it. If meid vs imei you have a contract with a mobile operator, the government can use a search warrant to access your IMEI information and track numbers and locations. Even if you exchange your SIM card for a prepaid, it can still be tracked. You can find this in the "About" data of your phone and on the back of the device for some models. Unique identity number of your phone, which is assigned by the global industry agency GSMA and its authorized agencies. Every time you buy a new phone, you can dial the IMEI number behind the battery or in the box where the phone is packe

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