12 Tips To Improve Hearing And Prevent Hearing Loss

Listening to roaring music today can lead to the inability to hear it tomorrow, the World Health Organization says. The WHO adds that as a result of listening to deafening music and not taking proper care of their ears, more than 1.1 billion elderly people are at risk of hearing loss. Be sure to dry your ears after they get wet, especially if they are submerged under water. If he didn't have earwax, his ears would probably sting and be dry. You can make your own saltwater solution to try to soften the earwax. Be sure to completely dissolve the salt before putting the mixture in the ear. Wet a cotton ball with the saline solution, tilt your head to the side and squeeze the ball so that the solution drips into your ear. Keep your head tilted for about five minutes, then tilt it to the other

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