Learn How To Test And Identify Crystals At Home, Crystals Rock Australia

Beryl is a mineral that comes in different colors. The transparent blue beryl is the very popular gem known as "aquarina". When translucent to opaque, the name "blue beryl" is best suited, but some jewelry stores use the name aquamarine. Tree agate is a name used for a white chalcedone with green dendritic characters. It is a very popular material used to make beads, cabochons and fallen gems. The stones shown here are made of material extracted in Botswana. A quick online search should give you some ideas about where these sites are located near your region. The most common counterfeit crystals are those of the Quartz family. This is because they seem easy to crystal bracelets imitate to visually look like real gems. So if you are inexperienced, the easiest way to investigate whether yo

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