Advantages Of Transparent LED Display High Transparency

Any glass building can now be converted into an interactive video canvas, with full transparency. Our construction glass with integrated Micro-LED technology bridges the gap between led screen supplier physical and digital experience. 6000nits brightness ensures perfect visual performance even in direct sunlight, without any cooling system, it saves a lot of energy.

The higher the pixel pitch, the clearer the image; Conversely, more pixel dots always means lower permeability due to higher pixel density. Choosing the right pixel distance based on the correct display consideration is crucial for balancing brightness with any loss of permeability. Seek help from professionals for accurate installation of your LED glass wall. In addition to installation and assembly, experts can help with screen calibration and alignment, as well as testing and correcting content that isn’t properly optimized.

However, since each project is unique and different projects require different types of LED screens, choosing the best LED screen is not very easy. Although there are still some general rules you can check out to choose the best flexible LED display before starting a project. When installed outdoors, a bright LED display must be sufficiently resistant to UV rays, water and dust, as protection is the most critical factor affecting the lifespan and price of the transparent LED display. In the past, the beads of the transparent LED lampshade lamp were exposed to the outside and it was easy to be damaged during transport.

It is possible to choose the custom size of these screens based on your commercial space. Advertising has become more sophisticated in the current era, and transparent LED screens are the perfect example of such a change. If you want to attract more customers to your store, you need to go with these screens. These are sleek, cost-effective, transparent, easy to install and require less maintenance.

The LED display industry is already relatively mature, so thousands of LED display manufacturers have already entered the market. Brightness is one of the important differences between INDOOR and OUTDOOR LED displays. The brightness of outdoor displays is several times higher than that of indoor LED displays, because bright sunlight makes the images on the LED screen unreadable or less bright. To provide ultra-high lighting, flexible LED displays used outdoors must have multiple bright LEDs in one pixel. The LED strip has a long service life and can be replaced quickly and easily when needed, without having to replace the entire module. As long as the repair is completed in a few minutes at a very low cost, your digital LED board will last for several years.