27 Essential Tips For Traveling To Italy: Everything You Need To Know Italy Travel Tips, Italy Travel, Visit Italy

Take time to stroll the streets and find a quiet restaurant off the beaten pathAny city has them. Tourist traps haunt popular places and attractions everywhere and with so much to see and do, Italy has its share. Designed to lure you and spit you out, these places will look extremely attractive from the outside. Small portions and expensive menus await unsuspecting travelers looking for an authentic Italian experience. Not only are they some of the most expensive places to grab a bite to eat, but they also tend to have the least variety and least exciting menu items on offer.

Always be sure to visit the website of the museum or the local tourist office, as they sometimes offer free admission or discount on certain days and times of the week. Getting around on these trains is very easy, so you can exclude domestic flights. You can only consider renting a car for places where it is reasonable to drive. But if your itinerary limits you to major cities and towns, train transportation will serve you well. You can travel in a luxury first-class coach or in a standard cabin.

High-speed trains cost more, of course, but if you’re traveling between small distances, regional train tickets are really great prices. I now compare this to prices in the UK, for example, where the same distance I would make here would cost me twice as much. We’ve rented a car countless times in Italy and it’s a great way to get around on your schedule.

If you’re visiting Italy on a budget and want to see the country’s classic attractions on a cheap basis, winter has a lot to offer. For example, if you want to travel from Florence to Bologna by slow/regional train, you can just show up that day and buy your ticket, and no advance planning is required. This sounds more intimidating than it is, we use the Trenitalia app to buy train tickets all the time, but it’s something to keep in mind. Prosecco, like French champagne, comes specifically from the Prosecco region of Italy (it’s located north in Veneto and is a great day trip from Venice, if you’re interested!).

And unless you have deep pockets, don’t bother with an extremely expensive gondola ride. A visit to Italy is fantastic for me at any time and these first tips are fantastic for understanding and appreciating a visit and a better stay. I love food, so the concept of having fuller, treno rosso del bernina longer meals and the habits of enjoying them are fun to make and enjoy. Also, learning basic expressions like what you’ve shared gives you a long way to go when you visit and greet people there. Food And Drink Destinations is the ultimate guide on how to travel to eat and drink.